Organising Parties CET2022


Centre for New Energy Technology Oskarshamn

Centre for New Energy Technology Oskarshamn (CNETO) is a platform for cooperation between the public, academia and business strengthening the development of Oskarshamn for a sustainable and climate neutral future.

CNETO will

  1. Initiate projects for new energy technologies – Oskarshamn as a leading municipality for smart energy systems and combating climate change
  2. Develop cutting edge educations – Oskarshamn as an attractive and future-oriented labour market
  3. Strengthen ecosystems for new business – Oskarshamn as a business incubator and in active contact with investors

CNETO is a meeting place that breaks barriers and serves as a leading actor for targeted renewal

CNETO promotes Oskarshamn’s infrastructures and creates synergies for their use


September 21-23
Oskarshamn Sweden.

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