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Summary of CET2022

Here you will find presentations and video recording from CET2022.

Recorded from CET2022

Day 1 presentations

Day 2 presentations

Day 3 presentations

Speakers & presentations CET2022

Day 1
Wednesday, 21 September

Day 1SpeakerSubjectDownload presentation
Johan Svenningsson
Johan Svenningsson, Country Chairman Uniper Sweden

The competitiveness and necessity of SMRs – the diversified nextgen nuclear power

Presentation (PDF)
Adam Demella
Adam DeMella, SVP, Government Affairs GE Hitachi

Accelerated deployment of SMRs

Presentation (PDF)
Sandro Baldi
Sandro Baldi, Commercial Director – NUWARD™, EDF, France

NUWARD™: a test-case for European cooperation

Presentation (PDF)
Samantha Dawson, Strategy and Business Development Manager, Rolls Royce SMR

Rolls-Royce SMR – Clean energy for all

Presentation (PDF)
Valérie Vandenberghe, CEA, Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique et aux énergies alternatives, France

Development of SMR in France

Presentation (PDF)
Diane Hughes
Diane Hughes, Vice President, Marketing & Communications, Nuscale Power

Via link: NuScale Power VOYGR™ SMR Power Plant

Presentation (PDF)
Janne wallenius
Janne Wallenius, CTO of LeadCold

The programme for commercialization of SEALER SMRs in Sweden

Presentation (PDF)
No Picture
Mike Drury, Business Development MD, Terrestrial Energy

Nuclear energy’s role in industrial decarbonization

Presentation (PDF)
Rauli Partanen
Rauli Partanen, CEO, Think Atom Ltd

Beautiful Nuclear

Presentation (PDF)
Melanie Rickard
Melanie Rickard, Acting Director General, Directorate of Assessment and Analysis, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC)

Regulation of SMRs in Canada

Presentation (PDF)
Eva Häll
Eva Häll, Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company and Rolf Persson, Municipality of Oskarshamn

Societal aspects on nuclear waste

Presentation (PDF)
Rolf Persson Oskarshamns kommun
Rolf Persson, Municipality of Oskarshamn

Societal aspects on nuclear waste

Presentation (PDF)

Speakers & presentations CET2022

Day 2
Thursday, 22 September

Day 2SpeakerSubjectDownload presentation
Gerhard Wächter
Gerhard Wächter, European Commission

The role of nuclear in the EU energy transition

Christopher Deir
Christopher Deir, Ontario Power Group, Canadas development and SMR

OPG’s Small Modular Reactor (SMR) Development Plan

Presentation (PDF)
Waclaw Gudowski, Professor, Department of Nuclear Engineering
Waclaw Gudowski, Synthos Green Energy

Small Modular Reactors an Effective Way for a Rapid Decarbonisation of the Polish Energy System

Presentation (PDF)
Pasi Tuohimma
Pasi Tuohimma, Communications Manager, Posiva Oy, Finland

Finland’s approach to final disposal of spent nuclear fuel

Presentation (PDF)
Marti Jeltsov
Marti Jeltsov, Head of Technology and Research, Fermi Energia OÜ, Estonia

Fermi Energia way to carbon-free Estonia

Presentation (PDF)
Floriske Deutman
Floriske Deutman-Bodisco Massink, Stichting Energietransitie & Kernenergie, Holland

The role of Nuclear Energy in the Energytransition in The Netherlands: A Political Perspective

Presentation (PDF)
Mats Yngvesson
Mats Yngvesson, Senior Nuclear Specialist, Uniper Nuclear Sweden

Extending operating time of existing NPP’s – Opportunities and challenges

Presentation (PDF)
Marc Schyns
Marc Schyns, Director of the Advanced Nuclear Systems Institute of SCK CEN

Demonstration of Fuel Cycle Closure including P&T towards Industrialization at multilateral scale – A game changer for the future of nuclear energy together with SMRs?

Presentation (PDF)

Speakers & presentations CET2022

Day 3
Friday, 23 September

Day 3SpeakerSubjectDownload presentation
Lisa Lindqvist
Lisa Lindqvist, Public Affairs Manager Strategic Partnerships, Scania and moderator of the day


Rafael Mariano Grossi
Rafael Mariano Grossi, Director General, International Atomic Energy Agency

Video message: Thinking Beyond Borders in Designing Nuclear Energy’s Future

Desiree Comstedt speaker
Desirée Comstedt, Vice President SF Fleet Development, Vattenfall, Sweden

Fossil free within one generation

Presentation (PDF)
Yves D’Eer
Yves D’Eer, Member of GMF (Group of European Municipalities with Nuclear Facilities)

Hosting SMRs – challenges of new nuclear development in local communities

Presentation (PDF)
John Ahlberg
John Ahlberg, Founder, Kärnfull Future AB

Enabling next-gen nordic nuclear – SMR project development for 360° energy sector decarbonisation

Presentation (PDF)
Jozef Sobolewski
Józef Sobolewski, National Centre for Nuclear Research (NCBJ), Chair of The European Nuclear Cogeneration Industrial Initiative (NC2I)

Poland as an example of a multitrack strategy revitalizing nuclear energy programs in EU

Presentation (PDF)
Daniel Mateos speaker
Daniel Mateos, Head of Business Development LP Region Europe North , Linde

The role of hydrogen in decarbonization – hydrogen as an energy carrier for the future of Europe

Presentation (PDF)
Martin Pei
Martin Pei, Executive Vice President & CTO, SSAB AB

SSAB’s transformation towards fossil free steel with the HYBRIT-technology

Presentation (PDF)
Diane Cameron
Diane Cameron, Head of the Division of Nuclear Technology Development and Economics Division, OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA)

Via link: Small Modular Reactors: International perspectives on opportunities and challenges

Presentation (PDF)
Lina Bertling
Lina Bertling Tjernberg, Professor, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Director KTH Energy Platform

Sustainable power grid technologies

Presentation (PDF)
Adam Zuckerman Moderator CET2022
Adam Zuckerman, Vice President of Business Development, Last Energy

Moderator of panel discussion

Fred Dermakar
Fred Dermarkar, President and CEO, Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd (AECL)

Enabling the Energy Transition

Presentation (PDF)
Speaker Petra Lundström
Petra Lundström, Vice President, Fortum Nuclear Engineering Services & Co-owned Assets

The role of nuclear in the future energy system – a power producer’s perspective

Presentation (PDF)
Wolfgang Eberhardt, DESY – CFEL Center for Free Electron Laser Science

The future of the energy system

Presentation (PDF)
Waclaw Gudowski, Professor, Department of Nuclear Engineering
Waclaw Gudowski, Professor, Laboratory for Nuclear Energy and Environmental Analyses (UZ3) at National Center for Nuclear Research (NCBJ) Poland

Concluding remarks

Presentation (PDF)
Thank you to everyone who participated at CET2022