• Vindkraft

    Converging Energy Technologies

    Conference CET2022

    September 21-23, at Oskarshamn Sweden

    Organized in cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency

  • Vattenkraft

    Converging Energy Technologies

    Conference CET2022

    September 21-23, at Oskarshamn Sweden

    Organized in cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency

  • OKG Oskarshamn

    Converging Energy Technologies

    Conference CET2022

    September 21-23, at Oskarshamn Sweden

    Organized in cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency

  • Hero cet2022

    Converging Energy Technologies

    Conference CET2022

    September 21-23, at Oskarshamn Sweden

    Organized in cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency

  • Vindkraft
  • OKG Oskarshamn
  • Vattenkraft
  • Hero cet2022

Converging Energy Technologies

Conference CET2022

September 21-23, at Oskarshamn Sweden


Centre for New Energy Technology in Oskarshamn (CNETO), Municipality of Oskarshamn, KTH, Uniper and OKG.

Organized in cooperation with the International Atomic Energy Agency

Conference site

Forum conference center in Oskarshamn and a selection of sites for conference visits and excursions.

Target groups

CET2022 is a meeting place for energy providers, regulating bodies and policy makers, utilities, producers and prospective buyers of SMR and related technologies, and the interested public.


CET2022 will address the following topics:

  • Global overview of Small Nuclear Reactor (SMR) status and development
  • Role of SMR for a successful CO2 neutral Europe
  • The Baltic region as a demonstrator of new technologies and system integration 2040
  • Integration of SMR and renewables into the local energy system
  • Role of hydrogen production with SMR and renewables
  • CO2 capture supported by SMR and renewables
  • Electrification and decarbonization in Europe and energy needs until 2040, policy and regulatory aspects, grid integration

Securing Europe’s energy transition:


Converging Energy Technologies 2022

CET2022 – September 21-23, at Oskarshamn Sweden.

Conference brief

The rapid integration of renewables within the energy system in combination with the event of new technologies like small nuclear reactors (SMR) are transforming tomorrow’s energy system.

The conference will present new energy technologies and their system aspects at national, regional, and local level with emphasis on the convergence of SMR with renewables, hydrogen production and CO2 capture.

CET2022 will include an overview of new SMR technology by invited producers as EDF-NUWARD, GE-Hitachi, CNNC, Nuscale, RollsRoyce, CEA, Sealer, and others.

Consumer aspects and opportunities of CET2022 will include Fermi Estonia, Pelplin Poland, OKG Sweden and other relevant organisations at national and regional level.

CET2022 will include demonstrations of local energy system opportunities in non-metropolitan Sweden with focus on the Kalmar region and Oskarshamn.

CET2022 will showcase new energy technologies


Speakers CET2022

  • Prof. Dr. Aït Abderrahim

    Prof. Dr. Aït Abderrahim

    Director SCK.CEN and Myrrha, Belgium
  • John Ahlberg

    John Ahlberg

    Founder, Kärnfull Future AB
  • Yasmine Arsalane

    Yasmine Arsalane

    Senior Energy Analyst International Energy Agency
  • Sandro Baldi

    Sandro Baldi

    Commercial Director – NUWARD™, EDF, France
  • No Picture

    Jon Ball

    Executive vice president, GE Hitachi
  • Lina Bertling

    Lina Bertling Tjernberg

    Professor, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Director KTH Energy Platform, Sweden
  • Diane Cameron

    Diane Cameron

    Head of the Division of Nuclear Technology Development and Economics Division, OECD Nuclear Energy Agency (NEA)
  • Desiree Comstedt speaker

    Desirée Comstedt

    Vice President SF Fleet Development, Vattenfall, Sweden
  • Saied Dardour

    Saied Dardour

    Energy Economist, International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)
  • No Picture

    Samantha Dawson

    Strategy and Business Development Manager, Rolls Royce SMR
  • No Picture

    Yves D’Eer

    Member of GMF (Group of European Municipalities with Nuclear Facilities)
  • No Picture

    Christopher Deir

    Ontario Power Group, Canadas development and SMR
  • Fred Dermakar

    Fred Dermarkar

    President and CEO, Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd (AECL)
  • Floriske Deutman

    Floriske Deutman-Bodisco Massink

    Board member, Energy transition and Nuclear Energy Foundation, Netherlands
  • Wolfganf Eberhardt

    Wolfgang Eberhardt

    DESY – CFEL Center for Free Electron Laser Science
  • Speaker Peter Elder

    Peter Elder

    VP, Technical Support and Chief Science Officer, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission (CNSC)
  • Massimo Garibba Speaker CET2022

    Massimo Garribba

    Deputy Director-General, European Commission (DG ENER)
  • No Picture

    Cosmin Ghita

    CEO, Societatea Nationala Nuclearelectrica SA, Romania
  • Kirsty Gogan

    Kirsty Gogan

    CEO Lucidcatalyst, U.K
  • Rafael Mariano Grossi

    Rafael Mariano Grossi

    Director General, International Atomic Energy Agency
  • Waclaw Gudowski, Professor, Department of Nuclear Engineering

    Waclaw Gudowski

    Professor, Laboratory for Nuclear Energy and Environmental Analyses, National Center for Nuclear Research (NCBJ) Poland
  • Gareth Headdock

    Gareth Headdock

    Vice President – Government and New Build, National Nuclear Laboratory (NNL),
  • Eva Häll

    Eva Häll

    Communications Officer, Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Company.
  • Simon Irish

    Simon Irish

    CEO, Terrestrial Energy
  • Marti Jeltsov

    Marti Jeltsov

    Head of Technology and Research, Fermi Energia OÜ, Estonia
  • No Picture

    Rafal Kasprow

    CEO, Synthos Green Energy, Poland
  • Speaker Petra Lundström

    Petra Lundström

    Vice President, Fortum Nuclear Engineering Services & Co-owned Assets
  • Daniel Mateos speaker

    Daniel Mateos

    Head of Business Development LP Region Europe North, Linde
  • Martin Pei

    Martin Pei

    Executive Vice President & CTO, SSAB AB
  • Rolf Persson Oskarshamns kommun

    Rolf Persson

    Project Manager, Municipality of Oskarshamn
  • Tianlin Qian Speaker cet2022

    Tianlin Qian

    Director-General of Science and Technology Department & Director of CNNC Nordic R&D Center
  • Dr Jean-Michel RUGGIERI SMR program Manager

    Dr Jean-Michel Ruggieri

    SMR program Manager. Commissariat à l’Energie Atomique et aux énergies alternatives, France
  • No Picture

    Dr. Józef Sobolewski

    National Centre for Nuclear Research (NCBJ), Chair of The European Nuclear Cogeneration Industrial Initiative (NC2I)
  • Johan Svenningsson

    Johan Svenningsson

    Country Chairman Uniper Sweden
  • Pasi Tuohimaa

    Pasi Tuohimma

    Communications Manager, Posiva Oy, Finland
  • Janne Wallenius

    Janne Wallenius

    CTO of LeadCold
  • Mats Yngvesson

    Mats Yngvesson

    Senior Nuclear Specialist, Sydkraft Nuclear Power AB
  • Petr Závodský

    Petr Zavodsky

    Chairman of the board of Directors, Chief Executive Officer, Elektrárna Dukovany II, Czech Republic

Converging Technologies

Converging technologies describes the development of different technologies into a single new technology. The origin was framed early on e.g to describe the relation between medicin and engineering, resulting in new technologies like biomedical engineering.

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Today the term is frequently used within the media landscape, where the present smart mobile telephones combine a set of different technologies.

To quote Wikipedia:

“Technological convergence, is the tendency for technologies that were originally unrelated to become more closely integrated and even unified as they develop and advance.”

Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Technological_convergence

Within the field of energy, we see similar trends that CET2022 is addressing, where different technologies like energy storage, hydrogen production, district heating, smart grid, nuclear, hydro, wind and solar power are integrated to form a new smart energy system. The advance of small nuclear reactors (SMR) is central in speeding up the process of converging energy technologies.

Converging Technologies

Exhibition CET2022


SMR and other new energy technologies will be exhibit at the conference. 


Last day for registration August 26


September 21-23
Oskarshamn Sweden.

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