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Please contact us regarding CET2022 (Converging Energy Technologies).

Securing Europe’s energy transition: CET2022 Converging Energy Technologies 2022 CET2022 – September 21-23, at Oskarshamn Sweden.

Conference brief

The rapid integration of renewables within the energy system in combination with the event of new technologies like small nuclear reactors (SMR) are transforming tomorrow’s energy system. The conference will present new energy technologies and their system aspects at national, regional, and local level with emphasis on the convergence of SMR with renewables, hydrogen production and CO2 capture.


Centre for New Energy Technology in Oskarshamn (CNETO), Municipality of Oskarshamn, KTH, Uniper and OKG.

Forum conference center in Oskarshamn and a selection of sites for conference visits and excursions.
CET2022 is a meeting place for energy providers, regulating bodies and policy makers, utilities, producers and prospective buyers of SMR and related technologies, and the interested public.

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The Oskarshamn venue is a unique municipality at the south-eastern Swedish coastline of the Baltic Sea with an excellent harbour and several large industries as Scania, OKG nuclear power plant, Saft Batteries/TotalEnergies and Swedish Nuclear Fuel and Waste Management Co.

Technological Convergence

Converging technologies describes the development of different technologies into a single new technology. The origin was framed early on e.g to describe the relation between medicin and engineering, resulting in new technologies like biomedical engineering. Today the term is frequently used within the media landscape, where the present smart mobile telephones combine a set of different technologies.

To quote Wikipedia:

“Technological convergence, is the tendency for technologies that were originally unrelated to become more closely integrated and even unified as they develop and advance.”


Within the field of energy, we see similar trends that CET2022 is addressing, where different technologies like energy storage, hydrogen production, district heating, smart grid, nuclear, hydro, wind and solar power are integrated to form a new smart energy system. The advance of small nuclear reactors (SMR) is central in speeding up the process of converging energy technologies.

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Anna Rockström

Anna Rockström

Coordinator, Nova Center for University Studies, Research and Development, Municipality of Oskarshamn

Ramon Wyss KTH

Ramon Wyss

Professor emeritus, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Interim Director CNETO and Chairperson CET2022